Bound-T Auxiliary Programs

Bound-T needs or can make use of auxiliary programs that are not integral parts of Bound-T. Some of the auxiliary programs are developed by Tidorum, others not. Some auxiliary programs are available for download from this site.

Program Description
find_marks A program that finds the positions of "marks" in source-code files. The marker names can then be used in Bound-T assertions to identify the program parts (loops, calls) to which the assertions apply. Tidorum provides this program under the GNU Public Licence (GPL).
User Manual: find-marks-manual.pdf.
Source code:
Source code in HTML with x-ref links
Linux binary:
MS-Windows binary: A shell-script that post-processes Bound-T output from the -table option to format the tabular output in a readable way. Tidorum provides this script for free use. The script needs the Unix/Linux utilities echo, egrep, cut, sort, tr, and expand.
Source code: table.txt

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