Data Systems in Aerospace 2000 (DASIA 2000)

Using a Worst-Case Execution Time Tool for Real-Time Verification of the DEBIE Software

Niklas Holsti, Thomas Långbacka, Sami Saarinen


Real-time software performance can be verified by testing or by static analysis. We report a static analysis of the on-board software of the Debie instrument, using a new tool called Bound-T that gives bounds on the worst-case execution time of an executable (binary) program. The values are used in an HRT schedulability analysis. The Bound-T tool is being developed by Space Systems Finland and has a modular design for porting to various target processors and platforms; initially the Intel-8051 and ADSP-21020 are supported. We describe the methods and results and compare them to the original test-based verification of the Debie software.

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