Timing Analysis Seminar 2011-05-12
T-106.5840, organized by Vesa Hirvisalo, Embedded Systems Group,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Challenges of analysis
Why WCET analysis does not work now
and will not work in the future

Niklas Holsti, Tidorum Ltd


I will talk about the difficult or currently unsolved problems in WCET analysis, both for the static-analysis tools and the measurement-based tools (which of course have to some extent different problems), why we can expect these problems to remain hard, and also can expect that new hard problems will appear. Of course this talk is intended to be provocative rather than blackly pessimistic, so I hope to give some pointers to possible solutions or work-arounds, as future research directions. But I do not promise to be optimistic...


Slides: PDF, OpenOffice.org source.

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