Getting Bound-T and services for Bound-T

Since January 2014 Tidorum supplies Bound-T as free of charge, open-source software.

The specific open-source licence is under definition. Also, some Bound-T modules use information proprietary to certain vendors of cross-compilers for certain target architectures, and these modules will remain closed source. Details are given here.

Conversely, we hope that users of Bound-T will tell us about problems they may have or bugs they may discover. Tidorum will support and advise Bound-T users as our resources allow. We are of course also eager to hear about successful uses of Bound-T.

Tidorum also sells technical support for Bound-T, custom extensions and modifications to Bound-T, and analysis services where the customer provides the target program to be analysed and Tidorum performs the analysis using Bound-T, at the Tidorum site or the customer's site, as preferred. Contact Tidorum for technical support prices and offers on extensions or modifications.

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