2012-02-19: Update of Mac "oc" support program (Om21T4)

A new version of the Omega Calculator support program, "oc", is available for users of Bound-T on Mac computers. The new version can be downloaded from the Bound-T website, together with the present versions of the other support programs.

Version Om21T4 of "oc" for the Mac corrects an error in which the earlier version (Om21T3) of this program silently limits any literal constant in its input formulas (Presburger formulas) to the range -2^31 .. 2^31. This can lead to errors in the loop bounds and other results from Bound-T if their computation uses numbers beyond this range.

It is not known why the earlier version had this problem. The update, version Om21T4, is compiled and linked from the same source code, but on a newer version of the Mac OS and its development tools.

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