2008-07-18: WCET Tool Challenge 2008 status report

On behalf of the Challenge steeering group, Niklas Holsti of Tidorum Ltd presented a report on the status of the WCET Tool Challenge 2008, at the WCET Workshop 2008. The slides (PDF) from this presentation are now available.

The WCET Tool Challenge collects and provides benchmark programs and problems for WCET analysis and collects analysis results from the participating WCET tools. Tidorum's Bound-T tool is one of the participants in this Challenge, as it was in the first Challenge in 2006.

The Artist2 Network of Excellence supported the WCET Tool Challenge in 2006 and is also supporting it in 2008, as an activity of the Compilers and Timing Analysis cluster. Niklas Holsti from Tidorum heads the steering group for this year's Challenge.

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